Stolen Car Keys: Tips For What To Do Next

According to the Insurance Information Institute, 689,527 vehicles were reported stolen in the United States in 2014. If you’ve ever been the victim of a car theft, you know that your first step should be to contact the authorities and file a report. However, what should you do if your car is still in the driveway, but your keys have been stolen? Here are a few tips for anyone who has had their car keys stolen:

How to Clean Your Glass Shower Doors When You Have Hard Water

Hard water is a common concern in various areas of the country. If city or well water is filtered through lime or chalk in the soil, calcium and magnesium deposits can build up. Over time, the deposits accumulate in the plumbing fixtures and can stain items like your tub, your glass shower doors and even the dishes in the dishwasher. While a water-softening system can go far in reducing the amount of mineral deposits entering your pipes, these systems tend to be expensive and not completely effective.