How To Give Your Home An Instant Facelift

An important task of being a homeowner is making home improvements whenever you can. Recently you've noticed that your home is looking a little tired and outdated. It's time to make some changes on the outside to help boost curb appeal. Here is how to give your home a beautiful facelift and improve value at the same time.

Choose a New Siding Color

If the siding on your home has seen better days, it may be time to replace it. Over time, siding can take a hard hit from things like weather elements, stones, and overall wear and tear. A new siding color can give your home the ultimate facelift. This is especially good if you have recently changed the roof color or trim on your home. It can make your home appear newer and give it a fresh, welcoming appearance.

Siding comes in an array of styles and colors to meet your needs. Vinyl and engineered wood siding are two popular options. Ask your contractor about siding installation and how it can work for your home. 

Have New Gutters Installed

Gutters serve a variety of purposes to help keep your home safe and dry. Over time, they can wear down and break due to improper care and maintenance. This leads to broken and clogged gutters that cause water to buildup in areas in and around the home. This can lead to roof leaks, flooding, and possibly foundation issues. Talking to a contractor that offers gutter services is your best bet. 

Having new gutters installed goes beyond their practical use of keeping water flowing away from the house. They add the finishing touch to a new roof, siding, and windows on a home. Choosing a color that matches or complements the siding on the home can give it an instant facelift, making your home the gem of the neighborhood.  

Add a New Landscape

Another way to improve the appearance of your home is to add a new landscape. Get rid of all weeds by applying a weed barrier to garden beds. Remove old stones and mulch and replace them with fresh materials. Hire a landscape company to help bring your dreams come to fruition. You can also choose to do it yourself. Choose plants, shrubs, and decorative trees that thrive in the correct light and soil conditions around your home. 

Intermix annuals and perennials to make your garden landscape shine throughout the seasons. Install irrigation drip tubing to ensure that plants get watered daily. This eliminates the hassle of having to water each plant. 

Making home improvements goes beyond flooring and paint on the interior. Changing things up outside can make a drastic improvement to the look of your home and raise the resale value at the same time.