Why You Should Go To A Paint Store

If you have decided to paint your house or even just a room, it can be tempting to go to the nearest department store that carries paint and buy a few gallons to complete the job. While there, you will probably get the tools you need too. While this is fine, and you can get what you need, you will be missing out on some important things that could make your job easier and the result much better. So, instead, go a bit out of your way and go to a paint store. Here are just a few reasons it is the better choice.


While you can ask the department store attendant for some tips choosing the paint and tools, they are not really trained on much. However, at a paint store, the workers have a good, working knowledge of paint and painting. It is what they work with all day, every day. They can explain why you should use a certain sheen over another, how to apply the paint for the best coverage, and the easiest ways to get the job done without a mess or accidents. In addition, they can help you choose the best tools for the paint type you are working with.


A paint store will have more options as far as brands, sheens, and amounts. They carry all the different sheens, in all the different brands and size options. You won't have to buy a full gallon of a sheen/brand when you only need a pint. In addition, they will have a lot of different options when it comes to brushes and rollers too. 

Color Consultant

Not every attendant in a paint store can provide color consulting if you are questioning what colors will go well together in a specific room. However, many stores have at least one consultant that either works at different times in the store or can give you the contact information of one. 

You may spend a bit more money at a paint store than you would at a department or hardware store, but this is not always true. However, you want your home to look good and the paint to look great. The advice and materials you can get from a paint store improve the results of your hard work. You will get a better quality paint, better tools, and some great tips on how to do the job. Surely, your home is worth spending a bit more.