Three Reasons To Replace Your Toilet's Flush Lever

The flush lever of your toilet is something that your family touches several times a day without thinking much about it. This simple part of the toilet plays an important role in the toilet's functionality. There may be a time in the future when you feel it's a good idea to replace the flush lever. If so, you can simply visit a local plumbing supply store, shop for a replacement lever, and then install it yourself. Even if you don't have much plumbing experience, this task is fairly easy — and watching an online tutorial will give you the confidence to attempt it. Here are three reasons you may need to replace the toilet's flush lever.


The most common reason that a homeowner may need to replace this part of the toilet is that it's broken. Flush levers can be made of several different materials, but many are made of plastic. The amount of use that this part gets over the course of a few years is significant, which can sometimes cause it to snap off or otherwise break. If you've noticed this issue, you might have trouble flushing the toilet. This is a good time to promptly visit your local plumbing supply store, buy a replacement flush lever, and install it.


In some cases, the toilet's flush lever may work correctly but may have sustained wear over the years that makes it an eyesore. For example, many of these levers have a chrome-like look, and the chrome coating can wear off through use. You may notice that the lever isn't as shiny in a large area where peoples' fingers make contact with it. If you want your bathroom to look as stylish as possible, you might feel that this worn look is an eyesore. Replacing the lever will improve the look of the toilet and help the room's overall appearance.


If you've made some remodeling changes to your bathroom since you bought your toilet, you might feel that the flush lever has an outdated look that no longer suits the space. For example, you might have incorporated a number of black elements into the bathroom, which means that a chrome-like flush lever may not work visually. The good news is that flush levers are available in lots of different finishes, so you'll have no trouble finding a black one that ties the look of the toilet in with the new look of the bathroom.

For more information, contact a plumbing supply store near you.