Planning To Visit A Kitchen Showroom? What You Will See In 2023

Visiting a kitchen showroom — such as BathWorks — is a good way to find inspiration for a kitchen makeover. It gives you a chance to see ideas you can incorporate into your own design style and it also gives you the opportunity to see the latest innovations in kitchen appliances. You are sure to find a few new trends you want to take home to your kitchen.

Lots of marble

One of the things you will notice in kitchen showrooms in 2023 is lots of marble incorporated into kitchen designs. Marble countertops, marble backsplash, marble hood surrounds, and marble island bars are the rage in 2023 kitchens. They are not only durable but will give any kitchen a sleek and sophisticated look.

Fewer upper cabinets

Expect to see cleaner lines in kitchens made possible by eliminating rows of upper cabinetry. The trend is to have just a few upper cabinets combined with open shelving. This gives the kitchen an open and airy look that is uncluttered.

Walk-in larders and pantries

One of the many popular features in kitchens for 2023 is larders and pantries that provide plenty of storage for small appliances and kitchen staples. However, these are not the pantries and larders like your grandmother had that were hidden behind a door. Pantries for 2023 are open and painted in a contrasting hue to add a pop of color to your kitchen and provide aesthetic value along with plenty of practicality.  

Calming colors

Gone are the white and bright kitchens of the past. Expect to see soothing shades of blue, green, and beige popping up in kitchen design. From baby blue to sage green, calming colors bring a warm and welcoming feeling to the most popular room in the home.

Built-in pet feeding stations

Family-friendly kitchens are trending for 2023 and pets are no exception. Pet feeding stations are being built into island bars and kitchen cabinets. These built-in feeding stations eliminate pet feeding bowls taking up space on the floor.

Whether you are looking to change a few elements in your kitchen or want to gut your current kitchen and do a complete makeover, visiting a kitchen showroom is a helpful first step. You will get an up close and personal view of the hottest trends in kitchen design before you spend a penny. You can pick and choose the trends you like best and start planning your own kitchen remodel like a pro.