Tips For Overseeding Your Lawn During Fall Weather

Do you have a yard that is not looking that great after a hot summer? One of the best times to fix your lawn is actually in the fall. Here are some tips to know about overseeding your lawn so that you have a nice-looking lawn next year.

Know When You Can Start Seeding

Overseeding is not going to work when the temperatures outside are too hot. That's why you want to wait until the cool fall weather actually starts in your region. It's hard to put an exact date on it, but you should wait until you know for sure that the hot days of summer are behind you. Waiting until the first official day of fall is always a good time to start looking at the weather. 

Prepare The Soil

You need to make sure that the soil is prepared properly for the seed you are about to put on it. If the ground is covered in dead grass on soil that is compacted, it is not going to do much good for the seed you are about to put on top of it. Make sure that you cut the grass short and bag the grass so that it does not get dispersed over the lawn. This will allow the seeds to actually come in contact with the soil. 

You'll then want to cover the lawn with new soil that has the nutrients that are going to help your new grass grow. This will help fill in those dead patches that have been bothering you so much 

Apply A Generous Amount Of Grass Seed

A common problem with growing new grass is people not using enough seed on their lawns. While it is understandable that you do not want to pay for more seed than you need, you should look at the directions for the seed you are using to get a good idea of how much you need to use. Lean towards putting more seed down than less seed to ensure that it covers the fertilizer that you have placed on the ground. You can use a spreader to evenly apply the seed to the ground.

Fertilize And Water The Soil

You need to apply fertilizer on top of the seed to cover the ground, which will help with the germination process. You'll then want to water the soil while the sun is shining on it since moisture and heat are what help the seeds pop out of the soil. It's a bit different from what you know about watering in the summer, which is to water the grass in the morning when the weather is cool so the water won't evaporate immediately.   

Talk to a landscaping professional to learn more about grass.