4 Reasons To Install An Inline Water Softener

An inline water softener is attached to the water main where it enters the home before the water lines branch out to various rooms and appliances. It removes hard water mineral deposits, like calcium and magnesium, before they can enter your home's water supply. There are several reasons why an inline softener is a good idea.

1. Longer Appliance Life

Hard water deposits can collect inside the water lines and the delivery jets of appliances like dishwashers and ice makers. Hot water heaters are especially prone to buildup as the heating process causes the minerals to precipitate from the water and build up in the tank. Over time, the buildup of deposits causes blockages that put unnecessary wear and tear on appliances, thus shortening their service lives.

2. Fewer Plumbing Issues

The same deposits that damage water lines in appliances will also collect in the water lines that run to your sinks and other plumbing fixtures. These deposits can constrict and cause leaks in water lines. Hard water buildup also affects the fixtures themselves so blockages in faucet aerators and shower head jets become an issue as well. These deposits can lead to leaks or the need to replace water lines and fixtures.

3. Better Skin and Hair

Itchy skin and dull hair are common complaints in areas with hard water. The minerals can leave behind a residue on skin and hair that then leads to these issues. Hard water also interferes with the foaming and cleansing actions of soaps and shampoos, which can make skin and hair issues worse. For these reasons, installing a water softener is just as much for your health as it is for your plumbing.

4. More Effective Cleaning

It's easier to clean when you aren't trying to chip away hard water spots on fixtures and glassware. Hard water leaves behind white spots and yellowish-white buildup on showers doors and walls, sink faucets, and your dishes. These discolored spots may show up on laundry, as well. Your car can even be affected if you wash it yourself at home. Further, hard water prevents soaps and detergents from working at their full capacity so cleaning is even more difficult. Softening the water eliminates the spots and stains while also ensuring your cleaning supplies are working as advertised. 

Contact a water softener installation service if you are ready to improve the quality of the water in your home.