Plant Nurseries: Tips For Shopping Success

Plant nurseries provide a plethora of options when it comes to choosing the perfect addition to one's garden or landscape. Offering a wide variety of plants that are suited for every level of care and expertise, a plant nursery will have exactly what one is looking for and provide the shopper with a fun-filled experience to be remembered. Following a few tips beforehand can help make one's shopping trip even more of a success. Read on for some great tips to follow when visiting a nursery for the first time!

Plan Ahead

Visiting a plant nursery for the first time may prove to be an overwhelming experience. Planning what to choose ahead of time can give the shopper some great ideas on where to start. While new additions may certainly be made once shopping, it is always smart to start with a base idea of what to look for. If one finds themselves unsure of where to start, simply researching resources such as gardening magazines, blogs, or videos in which gardeners recommend products can prove very helpful. Advice from family or friends on what plants work well for them and are easy to care for is another fantastic place to get some great recommendations. Additionally, creating a list of plants or types of plants that would work for the project is an excellent way to accomplish this. 

Don't Rush

Plants' nurseries can often be bigger than shoppers may expect. Rather than rushing through the process, taking one's time can be a far more rewarding and productive experience. Not only will this allow the shopper to find everything they are looking for, but will also give them time to inspect each plant to ensure they are making a quality purchase. Browsing at a slower pace may inspire new choices as well, bringing to attention plants that were not considered before. It is also important that the shopper feel as comfortable as possible. Dressing appropriately according to the weather is helpful and just as plants need hydration, so should a shopper take along a water bottle to quench their thirst and stay focused on the task at hand. 

Ask Questions

Shopping for plants can sometimes be a tricky matter. Not only must plants be properly cared for, but their proximity to other plants, environmental factors, and overall cohesiveness in the garden should be taken into consideration. Those who feel unsure of whether or not a particular plant will work well for them or perhaps have a question regarding the care instructions can simply ask a nursery employee for assistance. Nursery workers not only look after and organize the plants found in the nursery but also have expertise in procedures such as planting, pruning, and transplantation procedures. Talking to a nursery worker can also provide valuable knowledge regarding ongoing care such as what types of fertilizers to use or recommended mulch options. 

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