What To Look For When You Shop For High-Efficiency Toilets

If you need new toilets for your home or business, you can choose high-efficiency toilets that can do their jobs efficiently while helping the environment. These types of toilets are designed to use less water with each flush, which can help you in your water conservation efforts and also lower your water bill. Here are some key things to look for when you shop for high-efficiency toilets.

Gravity vs. Power-Assist Flush

Many high-efficiency toilets for sale feature gravity flush systems that use natural gravity and water weight to flush, and toilets with these systems are among the most economical options. However, toilets with pressure-assisted flush systems that can flush more powerfully while using less water may be better if you want maximum efficiency. Pressure-assisted flush systems can also help prevent toilet backups but are often more expensive and noisier to run.

Gallons per Flush

If you're especially concerned about saving water, you'll want to shop for high-efficiency toilets that use the least amount of water when they flush. Many of the tanks on these toilets hold 1.28 gallons of water or less and use the least amount of gallons per flush.

A Dual-Flush Option

Even though you can still save on water usage without a dual-flush toilet, you may consider this feature if you want to save even more water. With a dual-flush toilet, you can flush the toilet entirely or only partially to conserve water. Flushing entirely will be ideal if you're flushing solid waste, and a partial flush will work if you're only flushing liquid. 

WaterSense Label

The Environmental Protection Agency issues WaterSense certifications to all toilets that meet the agency's water conservation criteria. When you shop high-efficiency toilets in person or online, you should check to make sure that any toilet that you're thinking of buying has a WaterSense label on it.

Safety Features

It's possible to find high-efficiency toilets for sale that come with extra safety features in addition to saving water. These features may be especially important if you or anyone in your family or workforce has any special needs. Some safety features that you can look for when shopping for toilets include:

  • Raised toilets seats
  • Antimicrobial coating
  • Optional adjustable safety frames

You'll likely be amazed by how much water you save when you have high-efficiency toilets installed in your building. It's possible to find reasonable prices when you shop for high-efficiency toilets for sale.