Three Design Characteristics Of A Chairside Table

When it comes to choosing furniture for your living room, you want to select pieces that offer style and functionality. It's common to put a lot of thought into the chairs that you buy for this part of your home, but you should give just as much consideration to the other pieces of furniture that will be adjacent to the chairs. One category of products that you'll find at your local furniture store is chairside tables. These tables are specifically designed to sit beside the large, comfortable chairs that you use in your living room. While chairside tables can have a lot of different styles, you'll generally find that the following characteristics are present.

Narrow Construction

One design characteristic that you'll usually quickly notice upon seeing a chairside table is its narrow construction. When you situate a table next to a chair, you don't want the table to be large. Not only can this look odd visually, but it can also pose a functional issue — namely, the table may take up more space than you'd like, which could make it difficult for people to get around this part of the room. The lengths of chairside tables can vary, but you'll almost always notice that this piece of furniture is narrow in width.

One Or More Drawers

While there are all sorts of tables that you can buy for your living room that aren't equipped with drawers, you'll frequently notice that chairside tables have one or more drawers. The position of the drawer is often on the end of the table, which makes it easy for you to access it while you're seated in the chair. The drawer's presence is handy in a number of ways because it allows you to tidily store objects that you might use frequently when you're in the chair, including cellphone charging cables, TV remotes, and more.

Open Design

Another thing that you'll notice when you evaluate a variety of chairside tables is that many of them have an open design — essentially consisting of four legs and a top surface. While some decorative tables for the living room have a solid front or back, you may appreciate the open style of a chairside table. If you're enamored with the look of your chair, the last thing that you'd want to do is partially obstruct the side of it from sight. With an open chairside table, you won't have this worry.

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