Functional Ways To Use Antique Stoneware Around Your Home

Many homeowners love the rustic and interesting look that antique items can provide in various rooms throughout their homes. If you belong to this group, you might enjoy browsing shops that specialize in antique items, as well as scouring the internet for the right products to decorate your home. Antique stoneware is available in many different shapes and sizes, including jugs, jars, and more. While the visual appeal of these items may simply make you want to display them on your shelves, there are many functional ways to use antique stoneware too. Here are some choices to consider. 

Storing Dry Goods

Antique stoneware jars are ideal for storing dry goods in your kitchen, especially if you have some shelves that have open fronts. For example, if you're an avid baker and you buy large quantities of flour, you might not like the look of a bag of flour sitting on your shelf. It's easy to transfer the flour to a stoneware jar, which will adequately store this product until you're ready to use it. Dried beans, pasta, and a wide range of other dry goods that you use in the kitchen can all be suitable for storing in antique stoneware jars.

Displaying Flowers

If you enjoy having flowers on display in your home — whether it's a bouquet from the local flower shop, wildflowers from your backyard, or even dried or artificial flowers — you'll always be looking for creative ways to display them. Contemporary glass vases can do the job, but antique stoneware can also be a worthwhile choice. This is especially true if you love having rustic decor pieces throughout your home. Look for a tall, narrow jug that has a size that complements the flowers that you want to display. For dried or artificial flowers, you can place rolled-up newspaper in the bottom of the jug if the flowers are too short for the jug.

Holding Personal Items

Smaller pieces of antique stoneware can be effective for holding small personal items in various areas of your home. For example, if you have a table or shelf near your front door, you might decide to display one or more stoneware jars in this location — which you can use to hold items such as an extra key to your door, cash to tip a local food delivery driver, or other similar items. If you decorate your bathroom in a rustic manner, a small stoneware jar on your shelf could hold cotton swabs, hair clips, or various toiletries.

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