Picking The Proper Mattress Size: Questions To Answer First

If you are in the process of picking out a mattress for your bedroom, the different sizes available really leave you with a lot of choices. Should you go with a king-size mattress with all kinds of sleeping space, or would you be more content with a smaller sleeping surface? Here are a few questions to consider before settling on a particular size. 

How big is your bedroom?

Floor space is probably the number-one factor you should look at when you pick out a mattress size. Naturally, someone with a more conservatively sized bedroom is going to need a more conservatively sized bed. However, some people prefer more sleeping space than anything, so they won't mind if they have a larger bed and less space to move around. 

How much other furniture do you have in the space?

Even if you do have a larger bedroom, how much furniture you keep in your bedroom should also be considered when picking the right mattress size. Maybe your bedroom is outfitted with two dressers, a vanity table, two nightstands, and an accent table for decorative purposes. If so, you may not have quite enough space to house a king- or queen-size mattress. 

Do you have a co-sleeper?

If you don't sleep with anyone on the mattress with you, sometimes it is fine to go with a more conservatively sized mattress. Nevertheless, single sleepers who like to stretch out, change sleeping positions frequently, or just have room to move may want a king-size mattress. 

Do you enjoy having your sleeping space?

You may have a co-sleeper, and if you have little children or a dog, you may have more than one. However, not everyone who shares their bed with others is going to want the largest mattress they can find. Some couples prefer smaller beds because it allows them to cuddle closer. Other couples and co-sleepers may want the room to stretch out and have their own space. 

How do you use your bed?

So, of course, most people use their bed for sleeping—that's a given. However, some people do spend more time in their beds than others. A teenager who spends a lot of time in their bedroom, for example, may hang out on their bed while doing homework, talking on the phone, watching television, or entertaining friends. Some adults adore their bedroom; they may rather spend time in bed working with a laptop on a lap-desk than in their office. 

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