Have An HVAC System Put In During Your Home's Remodel

Newer homes often have an HVAC system if they are located in regions where the summer temperatures can get up to unpleasant degrees. However, many older homes were built without an HVAC system, and if they have air conditioning, it may be from a window or wall unit, which is expensive and won't offer effective cooling throughout the home. Therefore, if you are remodeling an older home without an HVAC system and you are considering having one installed, you'll be interested to know the changes this can make for the home and for yourself.

The foundation can be compromised

The foundation of a home relies on the soil underneath to provide it with stability and support. In areas where the temperatures can be quite hot, the soil will shrink as all moisture evaporates from it. This shrinking can cause issues with the foundation which can lead to major issues for you in the future if it hasn't already. Along with cooling the inside of the home, you can also help by having a sprinkler system installed for your yard that not only waters the lawn and foliage, but that also puts water in the soil next to your home's foundation.

Wood throughout the home can be compromised

Older homes tend to be built using a lot of wood, including having hardwood floors. When summer months come, bringing both heat and humidity with them, wood exposed to these things can warp due to expansion. When the moisture leaves the wood, the wood is more likely to split. Not only will this affect areas such as the eaves and door jams, but it can also affect hardwood flooring.

Your health can be affected

Not only can your home suffer without air conditioning on very hot days, but you will too. If you don't have air conditioning, you will be at an added risk of dehydration, as well as heat exhaustion or heat stroke depending on how hot it gets inside the home. While it is important to drink more water and to try to cool yourself off with cool showers and fans, the best way to ensure you aren't at risk of heat-related health issues is to be sure you have an HVAC system included in the remodeling of the home.

Now that you have learned just some of the ways an HVAC can help with the integrity of your home and with your own well-being, you'll want to factor one into the remodeling of your home.

For more information on AC services, contact an HVAC contractor.