Hard Water Answers For New Homeowners

It is common for individuals to buy a home only to learn that it has hard water. Unfortunately, individuals that have never encountered hard water will often be uninformed about the effects that this particular issue may have on their home or the steps that are needed to correct it.

Why Is Hard Water Bad For Your Home?

There are many problems that hard water may cause your home to experience. In particular, low water pressure and a greater likelihood of clogs developing can be some of the more common issues. These problems arise due to hard water leaving behind mineral deposits. In addition to these issues with your plumbing, hard water can also contribute to some individuals experiencing skin problems. By appreciating the issues that hard water can eventually cause, you will be more likely to take steps to soften the ware so that these issues can be avoided.

Will Water Softeners Make Your Home's Water Salty?

One reason individuals may not want to install a water softener is due to concerns about these systems making the water salty. While there are many water softeners that use salt to extract the excess minerals from the water, this is not the only option available. Many individuals may want to avoid making their home's water any saltier due to personal taste or medical reasons. For these individuals, there are saltless water softening systems that use advanced filters to remove these minerals without needing to use salt. These systems will have a higher cost and more intensive maintenance needs, but this may be unavoidable for homeowners that need a saltless softening system.

How Will A Water Softener Impact Your System's Performance?

A water softening system should not have a noticeable impact on the performance of the home's plumbing system. While it may seem like this would impact the water pressure, this is only a concern when homeowners install a water softening system that is too small for their needs. Prior to buying a particular water softener, you should review the water usage of your home as well as the capacity of the system. For those that are not confident in their ability to make this decision, there are technicians that can visit your home to size it for a new water softening system. These visits should only take a couple of hours, and they will ensure that you choose the perfect size water softener for your home.