Bathroom Tiles: Choosing Appropriately

The tiles in your house's bathrooms may have existed in the space before you arrived. Removing them and installing tiles you've chosen can beautify the room and put your personal touch on it. However, because you'll be removing much of your wall surface and flooring, it's essential to select new pieces wisely. How?

Selecting Material Carefully

If a bathroom is old, more than likely the bathroom tile was made of ceramic. Ceramic is fantastic for wet surfaces, and the material is pretty durable too. However, if you'd like to try something a little more visually appealing, glass is another choice. Of course, glass can make it easier for you to lose your balance; for that reason, glass tiles are sometimes better placed on walls where you can select different colors that make the room beautiful. Porcelain is yet another choice. Very durable and rather crack-proof, these tiles often land at the top end of the tile price range.

Looking at the Cabinets, Toilet, and Vanity for Inspiration

When considering tile colors, look no further than the structures that are already in the room. The vanity, toilet, and cabinets all must be considered. However, unless you're sure that you'll find exact shade matching, you may not want to pair tiles with a vanity or toilet that's the same color. In fact, that could be seen as "too much." Instead, you'll want to choose harmonious or complementary colors. To expand the room and display a clean look, seek brighter, more neutral tile colors whenever possible.

Using Larger Tiles in the Shower

Like most people, deep cleaning all the grout between individual tiles is probably not your favorite job. If you're re-flooring the shower, realize that buildup from body gel, conditioner, and shampoo will find its way into the areas between tiles. If you select smaller tiles, this will mean more scrubbing for you because more grout is used. Large tiles usually mean less grout will be used; that should make cleaning easier.

Trying Different Sizes

Bathrooms with endless rows of identical tiles can appear visually boring, at times. To make a more dynamic space, consider using two or three different tile types. Whether each type is a different color or a different size, the eye can enjoy a break in monotony.

Your tiles will be viewed by your family and guests all the time. Therefore, give tile selection care and thoughtful reflection before installation.