Lawn Mowers: A Care and Maintenance Guide


Maine Stonewalls Don’t Always Serve As Boundary Markers

If you live in Maine, you’ve probably seen old stone walls meandering their way through the woods. These stonewalls often follow property lines marking the boundaries between two plots of land. If you have recently purchased land that has a stonewall separating your property from your neighbor’s property you may assume that the stonewall is […]

4 Different Fabrics For Drapes And Their Advantages

There are a number of different fabric choices you can choose from when selecting the right fabric for your the drapery in your home. Often, these fabrics fall into two different categories: natural and synthetic. Each category has a few different options beneath them, and within those, there are a couple choices that outshine the […]

3 Reasons Your House Is Infested With Mice

Mice are incredibly destructive pests. They eat your food, gnaw into your home, and spread diseases with their urine and feces. Every year, rodents such as mice cause about $900 million worth of damage in the United States, and Americans spend about $100 million every year controlling them. When mice move into your house, you […]